List of all exhibitors at the e:Med Meeting 2019


We thank our sponsors for the kind support of the e:Med Meeting 2019:


HMG’s vision - "enabling physicians to prescribe the appropriate drug with the right dose at the right time for the right patient. Fast, easy and mobile"
HMG Systems Engineering GmbH (Fürth, Germany) is a SME focused on IT-based innovations. Business activities range from comprehensive IT based systems engineering services for well-known international companies to our medical decision support system - the PGXperts Platform. Our Platform aims to bring "precision medicine" into the every day clinical practice. With the “InteraktionsCheck” including pharmacogenetics, physicians are able to decide who needs a pharmacogenetics test, increasing safety in pharmacotherapy. The report PerforM (personalized information for medication) presents the individual patient’s pharmacogenetics profile with its clinical consequences, and a drug interaction check. Our PGXperts Platform was placed second at the PerMediCon, December 2016 and a clinical pilot (100 patients) has been performed in 2016/2017.