Modular image analysis platform for the integration of microscopic image-based data from biopsies into mathematical models of interactions between immune and target cells

The overall aim of MicMode-I2T is to create a modular and flexible image analysis platform that gains image-based information from diagnostic biopsies as well as healthy human tissue sections to make these data available for mathematical models. The focus of the planned work is to comprehensively study the spatial information on interaction between immune cells and their target structures. Thereby, the information hidden in microscopic images will be analyzed and implemented using new methods of object-related and knowledge-based image analysis. So far, this information can only be captured with descriptive or roughly quantifying evaluation procedures.

In particular, networking between the e:Med consortia SYSIMIT, e:Kid and SYS-Stomach will be intensified through MicMode-I2T and promoted by a joint workshop that will take place in the first year of the project. Aim of the workshop is to develop new strategies to work with pilot datasets.

The network MicMode-I2T is promoted by the networking fonds of e:Med. In general, the networking project MicMode-I2T should strengthen the bioinformatics and modeling activities in e:Med.


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