ConISyM - Converging Imaging and Systems Medicine

This summer school took place 20 - 24 MAY 2019
Castle Ringberg, Germany


Read the ConISyM Summer School report here!


The ConISyM – Converging Imaging and Systems Medicine - summer school is intended to provide an in-depth training of early-stage researchers to gain a cross-disciplinary knowledge within the fields of multiparametric imaging, histopathology, liquid biopsy and imaging omics in systems medicine.

ConISyM wants to feature participants to being able to think beyond their own research field by combining multiple techniques to get the best value out of the respective application.

Improve your skills

  • Macroscopic/Microscopic Imaging
  • Data Mining
  • Systems Medicine
  • Omics
  • Data Integration

Learning goals


ConISyM is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as a systems medicine training measure.

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