The abstract submission is now closed.

ConISyM is targeted at advanced PhD students and early-stage postdoctoral researchers, who work in systems medicine projects that involve multiparametric imaging, advanced data analysis, diagnostic approaches, generation and analysis of omics data (such as genomics, proteomics or metabolomics) and machine learning techniques.
The course is limited to 20 participants. There is no registration fee. For the selected participants all costs associated with course participation and accommodation will be covered by the program. Travel to and from Castle Ringberg has to be organized by the participants themselves. Travel expenses will be subsidized with 100 € per participant.
For the application you need to submit an abstract on your current research project (about one page, max. 3,000 characters including spaces for the text body) as well as a letter of motivation (max. 3,000 characters including spaces).

Your motivation letter should

  • state your initial training and interdisciplinary aspects of your current work
  • list applied imaging methods and tool
  • explain how participating in the course would advance your research

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