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MS- and NMR-Based Omics Workshop: Metabolomics, Lipidomics, and Proteomics

e:Med Project Group Workshop

2. December, online

The workshop has four excellent keynote speakers from the fields of proteomics, lipidomics, and metabolomics and systems medicine

Program and Registration:

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Dagstuhl Seminars

Frequent events on various topics of computer science.



produce your own online-course

The e:Med Management  Office offers  the service to organize and produce your interactive online courses or tutorial video for free and with full support - conducted in cooperation with the Department of Medical Physics of the German Cancer Research Center.


  • All the necessary equipment is at hand (Unit with software, camera, microphone, computer and tablet; Note: runs on all terminals)
  • Three lanes will be recorded (three track recording: powerpoint / tablet presentation, audio and visual), which can simultaneously and separately be processed.
  • Qualified personnel will introduce the speaker into the techniques, tips and tricks and will be present all the time to ensure and secure the recording.
  • All participants can interact with the speaker in case of scheduled online courses, no matter if they are using e.g. smart phones, PCs, tablets.
  • The equipment can also be used for software training courses (additional window can be displayed on the screen)
  • This service can be used at no charge and is highly flexible in time.

If you wish to organize an online course or design a tutorial video about your latest research, please fill out the web form below.
If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact Karin Greulich-Bode at the e:Med main office:  

own online course

Own online course
Please note that your data are proceeded via double opt-in. After submitting a link will be send to the given e-mail address. Please click the link to confirm your data.

Online courses from e:Med projects:

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SYSIMIT Online course

Online course about the SYSMIT-Approach for identifying biomarkers


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Genome Online course

Online seminar series on different aspects of genomic research. Further information.

Science Online course Series

You find a list of Science Online course Series of Science/AAAS Custom Publishing Office here.

Online course Series for Data and Model Management Practice in the Interdisciplinary Life Sciences


You find the online course on Data and Model Management of FAIRDOM here.

CORBEL Online courses

The CORBELonline course series aims to address challenges and share best practice between biological and medical research infrastructures. The series is aimed at technical operators of RIs and is aligned with the CORBEL competency framework.
Please note that all online courses are recorded and available for later viewing.
Please find the Online courses here.

Free internet course on Pharmaceutical bioinformatics

given by Uppsala University, Sweden
The course is suited for researchers who are interested to learn how complex chemical and biomedical processes can be investigated even down to their finest chemical details using informatics, and how this can be used for the development of novel drugs. 
To pre-register and receive further information please sign up on

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