SP 6

Integration and harmonization of data, translation of results

The goal of this subproject is to meet two tasks using one IT platform for e:AtheroSysMed: the integration and harmonization of data from different and heterogeneous sources of project partners on the one hand, and a translation of the results into the process of care and clinical pathways on the other.

Collection, annotation, and harmonization of data from heterogeneous sources and translation of results into the clinical environment.

On the one hand the subproject supports the funding policy goal to develop practical formats for integration of data from different levels, on the other hand it prepares applications for a routine use of individual genetic data and other "omics" data. Thus it is also directed to prototypes of patient databases with integrated and functionally linked data.

First an integration and harmonization of data from various heterogeneous resources of the project partners is to be carried out on syntactic and semantic level, which must be supplemented by the inclusion of knowledge and metadata from globally distributed sources. The next step is an integration of methods and tools into the clinical environment, in which system medical approaches will also lead to a recasting of decision processes and procedures.    

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