Module II

Demonstrators for an individualized medicine

Increasingly large quantities of medically relevant data can be systematically recorded and analyzed through modern high-throughput procedures and improvements in bioinformatics. Pilot projects are organized in e:Med module II “Demonstrators for an individualized medicine”, which should document the direct benefit and applicability of data records and mathematical models - developed in basic life sciences research - in individualized medicine.


Four new interdisciplinary demonstrator research networks of the e:Med Modul II 'Demonstrators for Individualized Medicine' started in 2019 and are initially be funded by the BMBF with 8.3 million EUR.

GUIDE-IBD (Prof. Dr. Stefan Schreiber)
NephrESA (Prof. Dr. Jens Timmer)
SeneSys (Prof. Dr. med. Clemens Schmitt)
Target OXY (Prof. Dr. Rainer Spanagel)

Eight demonstrator research networks have already taken this approach with great success since 2015. They were funded by the BMBF with a total of 21.1 million EUR. The concrete objective of demonstrator projects is the system-oriented (further) development of innovative methods and models, which allow for existing data pools to be edited, analyzed and compared with one another accordingly, in order to enable their use directly in individualized prevention, diagnosis and therapy for human diseases, such as kidney disease, chronic inflammatory bowel disease, addiction and various types of cancer.


Further information and contact persons can be found at PtJ

Dr. Christian Eder
Projektträger Jülich
Lebenswissenschaften und Gesundheitsforschung (LGF)
Molekulare Lebenswissenschaften (LGF 2)
Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
52425 Jülich

Tel.: 02461 61-3254

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