SP 1

Model-based optimisation and individualisation of chemotherapies and treatments with haematopoetic growth factors

Subproject 1 deals with the modelling of disturbed but haematologically normal haematopoiesis. In particular, we will look at chemotherapy-induced neutropenia, anaemia and thrombocytopenia which can be influenced by treatment with haematopoietic growth factors. We aim at the development of risk-adapted chemotherapies and growth factor administration respectively, to minimise the haematological side effects while keeping the same efficacy with regards to the primary end points. We also address combined EPO and iron therapies of anaemia in patients with chronic kidney disease. Here, we focus on a targeted adaption of our erythropoiesis model for the optimisation of the treatment considering the individual therapeutic process. Additionally, we work on a model for acute leukaemia and its therapy by integrating clonal mechanisms into existing model descriptions, specifically addressing high-dose chemotherapy scenarios. In the course of the project, the different model developments will be joined in one model environment. The data sets required for the modelling will be provided by our partners UKJ and UKD.

Subproject 1.1: Optimisation of adjunctive therapy with haematopoetic groth factors during conventional cytotoxic chemotherapy
Participating PIs:  
Markus Scholz (Leipzig), Markus Loeffler (Leipzig)

Subproject 1.2: Modelling of leucaemic haematopoesis and its therapy
Participating PIs:  
Markus Scholz (Leipzig), Markus Loeffler (Leipzig), Martin Bornhäuser (Dresden), Christian Thiede (Dresden)

Subproject 1.3: Modelling of anaemia treatments with chronic kidney disease
Participating PIs:  
Markus Scholz (Leipzig), Markus Loeffler (Leipzig), Thomas Benzing (Cologne), Gero von Gersdorff (Cologne)

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