SP 3

Patient recruitment, biomaterial sampling and clinical data management

Professor Marianne Pavel covers all clinical activities related to the project. She is the leading clinical physican in the certifed NET center of excellence according to the European Neuroendocrine Tumor Society (ENETS). She is the clinical leader for the descríbed project. and coordinates all clinical activities. She is responsible for biomaterial sampling (blood and tissue) and collection of clinical data for baseline and follow-up documntation. Her high clinical expertise and leadership in clinical trials as well as participation in large international trials allows access to well defined patient material  [e.g prospective biopsy study, COOPERATE-1 study, and other Everolimus-Studies (e.g. SEQTOR study)]. Her activites require interaction with external cooperating partners to enhance therapy related  biomaterial and data sampling. Furthermore, Marianne Pavel will establish and expand the infrastructure for the collection of samples of patients with pancreatic NET who are treated at the Charité. A close interaction is required with the Dept of Surgery (retrieval of biopises and surgical specimens), the institute of Pathology (validation of diagnosis, and revision of tissue quality), and the diagnostic Departments within the Charité Center and outside of the Center to accurately assess tumor follow-up including assessement in interdisciplinary tumor boards. The activity includes documentation of the data.  In close collaboration with Marianne Pavel the in vitro drug- Testing for establishement of mathematical Models by Nils Blüthgen and Christine Sers will be planned.

Treatment options in pancreatic NET Figure Legend Tx, Therapy
PD, progressive disease
NET, neuroendocrine tumor
TEM+/- CAP, temozolomide with or without capecitabine
RFA, radiofrequency ablation
PRRT, peptide radioreceptor therapy
PPI, proton pump inhibitor
IFN-a, interferon-alpha

pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor, biomaterial, clinical study, clinical data, European Neuroendocrine Tumor Society (ENETS)

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