SP 5

Data analysis, management and integration.

The project will set up and operate a central, web-based platform for the exchange of project-relevant data. This is a freely available software for management and exchange of experimental biomedical data build (SysmoSeek). The system is used by the project partners to exchange experiments, studies, results of studies, cell lines, descriptions of data, etc. easily and efficiently. Likewise, the export of selected data is supported in formats that can be read and further processed by other software tools.
In a second step, publicly freely available data that are needed for a well-founded data analysis will be identified, transformed and added to the system. This may include for example biological models, tumor-specific mutation profiles or other specific molecular properties of neuroendocrine tumors. Similarly, comparable data will be integrated, which were generated by the project partners in previous studies and projects. Patient-releated data will not be integrated into the system, but only its anonymous description. Also data, which are obtained by automatic text-mining methods from scientific articles, especially neuroendocrine tumors associated mutations, will be available. This integrated database will be used initially, to create a list of pNET associated genes, which will be utilized to establish a pNET specific next generation sequencing (NGS) sequencing panel. The sequences obtained by NGS are then analyzed by a specifically developed software. Thereby, mutations that occur in the analyzed pNET-probes significantly more often than expected and therefore may relate directly to the tumor, will be identified. The project aims to detect such mutations, that have a strong influence on the prognosis, respectively that are relevant for therapy.

Keywords: statistical analysis, next-generation sequencing, proteomics data, scientific data management platform

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