In vivo validation in glioma mouse models

The translational process from the molecular genetic analysis of tumors towards improved treatment / initiation of clinical studies requires an intermediate step of preclinical validation of such new concepts. For this reason, an in vivo validation implemented platform, which should enable the evaluation of new therapies in tumor models that reflect the tumor biological characteristics of the relevant entities as good as possible. In particular, in the context of brain tumors in which the blood-brain barrier in many cases prevents effective entry of potentially effective drugs, it is necessary to investigate the effectiveness of new drugs in orthotopic in vivo models. The validation of targeted drugs in vivo, taking into account the tumor-specific changes, is the primary objective of this project. For this purpose, we will use in vivo tumor models, which simulate the molecular and physiological properties of primary tumors in patients as faithfully as possible. In addition to the genetic tumor models we could establish xenotransplantation models of primary tumor material, and neurosphere cultures of lower passages which are now propagated in vivo. Therefore, we are aiming to provide a representative repertoire of tumor models of the different glioma entities. These models are also analyzed on a molecular genetic level to select the most appropriate model for the problem.

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