Structure of e:Med

Mathematicians and information scientists cooperate at e:Med with medics and biologists from universities, large research institutions, clinics and industrial companies nationwide in an interdisciplinary approach, with the objective of understanding the correlations between complex molecular processes in the human body in their entirety. The transfer of methods and results of basic research into clinical research is the subject of special focus here.
Individualized medicine should become tangible through the integration of different levels of knowledge, cross-disease research approaches and development of the latest technologies at e:Med.

Module I - Systems medicine alliances

Each consortium handles a joint disease-related question using a systems medicine research approach, in order to understand complex physiological and pathological processes in their entirety and thereby create the basis for new starting points in diagnostics, therapy and prevention.

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Module II - Demonstrators for an individualized medicine

are system-oriented pilot projects for individualized medicine, aimed at demonstrating the benefit of data records from high-throughput research for prevention, diagnosis and therapy. The focus is on the availability, analysis and integration of data, as well as the development and use of mathematical models. 

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Module III – The promotion of young scientists

is implemented with the objective of attracting outstanding young scientists to systems medicine and achieving enhanced interdisciplinary knowledge transfer, within the framework of e:Med, through the following measures
A) Junior research groups
B) Junior research alliances
C) Summer schools

Module IV – Future-oriented and cross-cutting issues

allow for a flexible response to the need for innovation, in which current issues are addressed in relation to systems medicine.

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Module V - Internationalization

International networking of the German system-oriented biomedical research scene is promoted through active participation in research strategy initiatives and large research projects.

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The Networking fonds projects

additionally intensify the  interdisciplinary networking between basic research groups with clinical research groups as well as with bioinformatical and modeling groups in the new field of system medicine.

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The e:Med project groups (PG)

regarding substantially and methodologically overlapping systems medicine issues provide the opportunity to promote interactions between members, discuss new technologies and latest scientific contents and launch comprehensive initiatives.

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Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

through the e:Med research and funding concept published in 2012, is aiming to establish systems medicine research in Germany and create conditions for introducing systems medicine into clinical practice. The “e:Med” research and funding concept shapes the Federal Government’s health research framework program in the area of basic life science Research.

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PT-DLR / PtJ - Project Management Agencies

support the BMBF in organizational and functional implementation of project funding. In e:Med the Project Management Agency in the German Aerospace Center (PT-DLR) is responsible for modules I and III, as well as projects from module V (ICGC, IHEC and CSA PerMed), the Project Managment Jülich (PtJ) for modules II and IV, as well as projects from module V (CASyM, ERACoSysMed, ERASynBio).

The e:Med Project Committee

represents the consortia and groups from e:Med modules I - III as an internal body, provides scientific support and coordinates the network. The elected spokesmen of the project committee are currently Dr. Matthia Karreman (DKFZ & University Heidelberg) und Professor Dr. Markus Scholz (University of Leipzig)

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The management office of the e:Med Project Committee

provides support in coordination, communications and networking.

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