e:Med Project Group
Modelling of Disease Processes

The project group (PG) Modelling of Disease Processes is a new initiative. The aim of the PG is to develop computational models of disease processes. Diseases are often characterized by multiple perturbations in various biological processes ranging from gene expression, metabolism, signaling to cell-cell communication, immune responses or tissue organization. 
We will focus on the technical development of models, e.g. the integration of the processes for a specific disease, the modeling of perturbations, the inclusion of patient heterogeneity or the use of various data types. This approach will strengthen the cooperation between mathematical modelers, bioinformaticians, biologists, clinicians and enable the exchange between scientist working on different diseases leading to a deeper understanding of disease mechanisms. Further thematic proposals may emerge from the PG. Practical activities are initially meetings, exchange of experiences, and organization of workshops. All e:Med members are welcome to participate in the PG.

Participants of the e:Med Satellite Workshop May 16, 2022, Heidelberg

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