Material for Students

On the German site you can order free of charge the current print version of the e:Med Broschüre "Explore Precision Medicine" and the Newsletter e:Medium as well as the teaching material GENial einfach!. The brochure and teaching materials are available in German, while the newsletter is written in English.

The current brochure "Explore Precision Medicine" takes you through the basics from the genetic code to innovative research methods, explains the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in research, addresses ethical aspects and animal testing, and describes the development of systems medicine as the basis of Personalized medicine and gives examples of this. The web version of the brochure can be found here.

The e:Medium newsletter picks up highlights from the research of the scientists in the e:Med Community. You can also find the web version of the newsletter here.

Due to the continued high demand, we are providing the teaching material GENial einfach!, which is unfortunately not updated (as of 2007). The teaching material is GENial einfach! enables you to simplify the complexity of the topic of genomic research. At the same time, it helps you to make clear how complex modern life sciences and genome-based health research are.

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