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The Project Group Image Analysis is a forum to discuss biomedical image data at various levels - from its production, through image-analysis, to the quantification of the relevant visual information. We are especially interested in discussing and connecting new imaging and image analysis methods with the relevant questions in biomedicine. Such methods include but are not limited to: machine learning based computer vision and image analysis methods in 2D and 3D, high-resolution multiplexed imaging approaches, analysis and tracking of single cell behaviour in high-throughput, long-term live cell imaging experiments and software solutions to deal with the large multidimensional datasets generated during such projects.

Our group pulls together experts working routinely with images, by generating them, improving imaging techniques, devising computational methods for their analysis or simply using them in a qualitative manner. With the diverse expertise present in our PG we hope to come up with ideas on how to improve the quantitative readout from image data by adapting imaging to the analytical methods and vice versa. 


Through the PG activities we aim to build a network and community of researchers in image analysis across Germany. We are looking forward to the official launch of our group during 2021 e:Med annual meeting www.sys-med.de/de/meeting/emed-meeting-2021/ . In bi-annual workshops we will invite experts in various aspects of image generation and processing and arrange discussion groups for junior researchers in their specific research topics. 

Organizing committee 

Kasia Bozek - Group leader of the Data Science of Bioimages lab (https://www.bozek-lab.cmmc-uni-koeln.de/),  at the Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne (https://www.cmmc-uni-koeln.de). With broad experience in large data analysis in biology we currently focus on harnessing new machine learning methods to expand and make a better use of image data in biology and medicine.

Stefan Florian - Research group leader and Resident in Pathology at the Institute of Pathology, Charité, Berlin
With a background in systems biology, pathology and cell biology we work on new approaches to comprehensively characterize cancer tissues at the protein, RNA and DNA levels while maintaining information about the spatial context of the tumor in order to better understand cancer development and evolution and help improve cancer therapy. We are interested in combining cutting-edge 2D and 3D imaging of tissue with sequencing approaches.

Adrián E. Granada - Head of the Systems Oncology Lab from the Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center (granadalab.org). Our lab is focused on understanding how cellular states and signaling dynamics control cellular responses in the context of anti-cancer therapy. We develop new imaging strategies for high-resolution single-cell microscopy combining image analysis with non-stationary signal analysis and mathematical modeling.


Interested scientists are invited to participate in the activities of the project groups at all times. If you are interested, please contact Dr.Ann-Cathrin Hofer (a.hofer@dkfz.de).


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