e:Med Project Group Multiscale sequence-based analysis tools

formerly known as Epigenetics and Sequencing Project Group

The Epigenetics and Sequencing PG deals, among other things, with technological solutions, new developments for sequencing issues and epigenetic analyses. It is headed by Prof. Dr. Karsten Rippe (DKFZ Heidelberg, CancerTelSys) and Prof. Philip Rosenstiel (University Medical Center Schleswig Holstein, Kiel, SysINFLAME).

The main focus lies on exchanging experiences among one another. Central points are accessibility and limitations in the application of various techniques.
The PG considers a list of tools and expertise areas in e:Med useful, including specific contacts for the individual epigenetic and additional techniques. The Information Technology and Modeling PG also determined the need for a list of expertise areas from the e:Med community. The questions of both PGs flowed into an online survey drawn up by Dr. Matthias Ganzinger at the end of 2015. The results are  available to all e:Med members on the Intranet.

During the e:Med 2015 Meeting, the PG organized an Epigenetics & Transcriptomics Workshop. A comprehensive overview of epigenetics, lectures about technologies, individual e:Med projects and the international consortium IHEC attracted a great deal of interest. In 2017, the PG organized witihin de e:Med Meeting in Göttingen a satellite symposium on technological innovations with lectures on multispectral imaging and single cell analysis, which allowed interesting discussions at working level.

Furthermore, the PG organized the Summer School SEEDED - Sequencing Analysis of Epigenetic Deregulation in Disease in 2017, headed by Prof. Karsten Rippe.

Actual activities of the PG are:

  • Workshos on new NGS methods and their potential, such as "Single Cell Sequencing"
  • The PG is considering starting a blog as communication platform to ask questions about standardizations, data visualization tools, etc., exchange wet lab protocols, discuss different sequencing kits, etc.
  • Data sharing within and beyond scientific research consortia

Contact for scientific questions/ discussions:
Prof. Dr. Karsten Rippe (Karsten.rippe@bioquant.uni-heidelberg.de): ATAC, ChIP, DNAm, cancer
Prof. Dr. Philip Rosenstiel (p.rosenstiel@mucosa.de): RNAseq, DNAm, microbiome
Dr. Simon Haas (simon.haas@hi-stem.de) single-cell sequencing

Interested scientists are invited to participate in the activities of the project groups at all times. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Asli Kayserili (asli.kayserili@dkfz.de).

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