e:Med project groups – overlapping issues in focus


The e:Med project groups (PG), open to all e:Med scientists, deal with substantially and methodologically overlapping systems medicine issues and offer the opportunity of content-driven networking and an open, direct exchange of ideas.

The objectives of the topic-focused project groups are:

  • Discuss current scientific contents and technologies of systems medicine comprehensively in the research partnership to initiate specific initiatives where appropriate
  • Allow content-driven networking and interactions among members
  • Ensure access to scientifically relevant information and exchange.

There are currently five e:Med project groups (PG):

The Information Technology and Modeling PG links above all mathematicians, bioinformatics scientists and medical information scientists interested in solving relevant problems through systems medicine. Dr. Matthias Ganzinger (University Heidelberg, CLIOMMICS) and Dr. Sven Nahnsen (Tübingen University, Multiscale HCC) lead this project group.

The Data Security and Ethics PG should discuss the subjects of “data security, data access and ethical aspects when high-throughput patient data, patient information and consent forms and declarations of consent are handled”. Dr. Schickhardt (NCT Heidelberg, ELSA Dasymed) and Prof. Sax (University Clinic  Göttingen, SysINFLAME) have taken over the leadership of the PG, with the advisory support of Prof. Marcella Rietschel (ZI Mannheim, IntegraMent).

The Image Processing PG focuses on exchanging experience and merging various types of data. An appropriate database for archiving and exchanging different formats and analyses should be identified (for clinical data too), and adapted to the needs of participating scientists. The head of the PG is Prof. Bernd Pichler (University of Tübingen, Multiscale HCC).

The Epigenetics and Sequencing PG deals, among other things, with technological solutions, new developments for sequencing issues and epigenetic analyses. It is headed by Prof. Philip Rosenstiel (University Medical Center Schleswig Holstein, Kiel, SysINFLAME), PD Dr. Karsten Rippe (DKFZ Heidelberg, CancerTelSys), Prof. Christoph Plass (DKFZ Heidelberg, CancerTelSys) and PD Dr. Dirk Hose (Heidelberg University Hospital, CLIOMMICS).

In the PG Massenspektrometrie-basierte Omics, the main focus are Proteome-, Lipidome- and Metabolome-Analyses. Dr. Maria Fedorova (TU Dresden, SysMedOS) is the founder of this project group and currently heading the group.

We are planning two more Project Groups: PG Modelling of disease processes and PG In vitro und in vivo Model systems

If you are interested in the project groups, please contact the e:Med office:
Dr. Ann-Cathrin Hofer (a.hofer@dkfz.de) oder Dr. Lioba Courth (l.courth@dkfz.de).

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