Networks of heart disease: Systems medicine approach to improve heart health

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in western industrial nations. In Germany, about 40 % of all deaths are caused by diseases of the cardiovascular system. Rising life expectancy is expected to increase the appearance of cardiovascular disease.

The alliance "coNfirm" is part of the networking fonds promoted to intensify the interdisciplinary interactions between the five modules of the research and support concept "e:Med - Establishing systems medicine in Germany". coNfirm is working with conditions of cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure, myocardial infarct and atrial fibrillation. The project aims to identify disease-spanning features and mechanisms using systems medicine approaches to gain profound knowledge of cardiovascular diseases. This is essential for the development of personalized medicine, including diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic measures.

The "coNfirm" network brings together nine e:Med groups, which are combining and evaluating different experimental datasets and clinical information obtained from project partners. To facilitate an efficient data exchange, datasets are harmonized and experimental standards as well as legal requirements are created. The developed tools for combining and exchanging big datasets can be transferred to many different areas to gain more insight in this field. This knowledge will be passed on to the e:Med community in workshops.


Subproject 1: Multi-species and multi-level data resource

Subproject 2: Bioinformatic approaches to generate common signaling pathways of cardiac diseases

Subproject 3: Methods of data exchange within coNfirm: rules, procedures and trust


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