Systems medicine approach to establish individualized treatment of lymphoma and leukemia

We aim to establish a systems medicine program that integrates systematic functional assays, multi-omic profiling, bioinformatic analysis, mathematical modeling and setup towards a clinical exploitation. The basis of the program is a platform to map patient specific pathway activity and drug sensitivity of their primary tumor cells ex- vivo. Signals provided by the microenvironment modify pathway activities, including those targeted by drugs, and thereby can mediate resistance or sensitivity to these drugs. We generate a systems-level understanding of how the microenvironment and the individual genetic and molecular make-up of a tumor interact and modify drug response using a high throughput automated microscopy platform mimicking microenvironment conditions. By comparing drug responses across patients with detailed molecular characterization and the clinical parameters, we obtain a rich set of associations of drug sensitivity with biology, biomarkers and outcome. The long-term aim of this work is to bring biology-based individualized treatment of lymphoma and leukemia into clinical practice.


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