PG Data management and Bioinformatics

The Data management and Bioinformatics PG links above all mathematicians, bioinformatics scientists and medical information scientists interested in solving relevant problems through systems medicine. Dr. Matthias Ganzinger (University Heidelberg, CLIOMMICS) and Dr. Sven Nahnsen (University of Tübingen, Multiscale HCC) lead this project group.

The current focus of the project group is mainly on biomedical data manangement and bioinformatics.


© Information management model for systems medicine, Ganzinger & Knaup, CDBME, 2017

Under Dr. Ganzinger's aegis, a detailed online survey was drawn up as PG initiative that asked about the tools and data used by the respective contacts in e:Med projects. Questions also flowed in from the Epigenetics/Sequencing PG and currently, a few PG members are evaluating the results.  50 scientists filled in the survey so far. The results will be made available to all e:Med members on the Intranet in clear form and should contribute to even greater networking within e:Med.
It is still possible to participate in the survey:

Workshop on Datamanagement 2016 © TMF e.V.

In addition, workshops focused on relevant topics will be organized with the corresponding experts and they should be open to all e:Med members. The workshop that dealt with the topic of data management in systems medicine took place in Berlin in early June 2016. A further meeting of the project group took place at the e:Med Meeting 2017 in Göttingen on Nov 21st. The agenda included review on the data management workshop and the resulting "best practice" paper. Please find the protocol in the intranet.

The last workshop took place April, 09-10, 2018 in Tuebingen, focussing on biomedical data management. Please find more information here.

The workshops resulted in a publication which was recently published in 'Systems Medicine':

Ganzinger, M., Glaab, E., Kerssemakers, J., Nahnsen, S., Sax, U., Schaadt, N. S., Schapranow, M.-P. and Tiede, T. (2021). "Biomedical and Clinical Research Data Management." Systems Medicine 3: 532–543. .

Dr. Matthias Ganzinger:
Dr. Sven Nahnsen:

Interested scientists are invited to participate in the activities of the project groups at all times. Please contact e:Med office: 

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