e:Med PG Image Processing

The Image Processing PG focuses on exchanging experience and merging various types of data. An appropriate database for archiving and exchanging different formats and analyses should be identified (for clinical data too), and adapted to the needs of participating scientists. The head of the PG is Prof. Bernd Pichler (University of Tübingen, Multiscale HCC).

Current activities:
The PG recently organized the e:Med Summer School ConISyM - Converging Imaging and Systems Medicine, headed by Prof. Bernd Pichler.


In the initial meeting of the Image Processing PG, the need for a platform compatible for archiving and exchanging different data formats and data analyses was determined, as currently there is no standard for archiving pictorial data. How could relevant imaging data be represented in an understandable way for clinicians and pathologists? It would be ideal, for example, after executing an image segmentation of a tumor (owing to important texture analysis and heterogeneity findings) to feed these data (instead of those of the whole patient) to an analytical system through vector allocations. The data could then be sent back to a system together with quantitative imaging data (ADC, SUV, etc.) and thus be available to the clinical user for selecting and segmenting relevant data.

The PG discussed initially:

  • the possibilities of internal e:Med data exchange, especially of imaging data, and
  • the development and utilization of a joint infrastructure.

Thus, the main objective of the project group is to create a basis for such an infrastructure to satisfy the needs of e:Med scientists.

To identify a suitable platform for archiving and exchanging data:

  • Requirements were formulated and software packages presented that are already being used or planned in the associations.
  • A first workflow draft of various software components has already been completed.
  • The requirements for a joint infrastructure, the type and quantity of available data, and the need or willingness to share them were already queried in the e:Med community.

Within the Image Processing PG, it was decided that considerable added value is created by opening up the project group towards the exterior. Cooperation with external individuals is planned. Apart from e:Med members, DKTK scientists and DKFZ bioinformaticians collaborate in the PG.

Interested scientists are invited to participate in the activities of the project groups at all times. If you are interested, please contact Dr.Tanja Jutzi (t.jutzi@dkfz.de).


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