SP2: Moleculare analysis and innovative reporting

The rationale of this subproject is to provide the standardized molecular analysis of different marker sets (mRNA (blood, biopsy), miRNA (blood, biopsy), microbiome (biopsy, stool) and protein markers (serum, stool). Based on competence established both as a research platform and as a certified clinical laboratory for molecular genetics (human genetics and PCR/NGS-based microbial diagnostics), this subproject guarantees stable “real-life” performance including centralized SOPs, fixed turn-around times, bioinformatics resources and a direct link to the University Hospital Central Diagnostics Laboratory infrastructure in Kiel. Important aims are to provide intuitive analysis reports for the molecular medicine board and the treating physicians in the clinical study of the demonstrator, e.g., visualization of gene expression changes or microbiome data indices and to identify combined marker sets with the highest predictive value. The anticipated aim of the project is to develop a prognostic score of disease control based on multi-dimensional molecular data. The project will interact with the molecular medicine board to develop innovative report formats.
• To provide SOP-guided production processes with fixed turn-around times for the different molecular analysis panels of the clinical trial samples
• To further develop clinically applicable marker sets for disease control in IBD by reduction of complexity of starting panels.
• To develop and/or adapt innovative reporting tools for bringing systems medicine into IBD clinical care



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