SP 2

Modell-based prediction of patient-specific treatment kinetics in leucaemic diseases

The aim of this subproject is the usage and further development of disease and treatment models in the context of leukaemia. We will demonstrate the usage of mathematical model impacts on the optimisation and risk assessment of existing and new therapeutic approaches. Herein, we concentrate on two types of leukaemia, namely chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) and NPM1-positive acute myeloid leukaemia (NPM1+ AML). In order to demonstrate the practical applicability of existing CML models, they will also be extended such that they can be applied to second-generation tyrosine kinase inhibitors, too. In the area of AML, we will develop a first model for the treatment of this disease. Since AML diseases are characterised by high heterogeneity, we will restrict ourselves to the description of the subtype of the NPM1-positive AML. We expect a further improvement of our existing models by selective identification and functional analysis of the assumed subclonal architecture of leukaemia and their explicit description within the mathematical models.

Subproject 2.1: Modelling of treatment kinetics of CML
Participating PIs: Ingmar Glauche (Dresden), Ingo Roeder (Dresden), Andreas Hochhaus (Jena), Karl Lenhard Rudolph (Jena)

Subproject 2.2: Modelling of clonal pathogenesis and treatment dynamics in NPM1-positive AML
Participating PIs: Ingmar Glauche (Dresden), Ingo Roeder (Dresden), Martin Bornhäuser (Dresden), Christian Thiede (Dresden)

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