Subproject Z

The central project Z is a consortium-spanning platform which supports the HaematoOPT partners in the following areas:

  • General project management
  • Data integration/data management
  • Software engineering

General project management:
A structured and coordinated implementation of the HaematoOPT project is ensured by the activities in this area. These include both the administrative as well as the scientific coordination of the individual work packages.

Data integration/data management: For the storage, integration, and management of the many different data sets within the HaematoOPT consortium, we will implement a suitable data management solution, which will handle different annotated experimental and clinical data as well as simulation and (software-) program code/-documentation.

Software engineering: We aim to provide model implementations in a way that allows a future integration into user-friendly software solutions. In order to do so, we will consistently implement the available program codes within a flexible platform. This will facilitate the integration into other systems and will allow the establishment of graphical user interfaces. Furthermore, we plan to link the clinical data with the model simulations for which we will create an interface with the above-mentioned data management solution.

Subproject PM (project management)
Participating PIs: Ingo Roeder (Dresden)

Subproject DM (data management)
Participating Pis: Markus Löffler (Leipzig), Ingo Roeder (Dresden)

Subproject SWE (software engineering)
Participating PIs: Markus Löffler (Leipzig), Ingo Roeder (Dresden)

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