SP 2

Data management and integration

This project establishes a central web-based data hub for the consortium, to integrate the existing data with data produced within the project as well as with external data sources. A data warehouse will integrate high-throughput data on multiple levels (common and rare genetic variants (GWAS and exomes, transcriptomes, proteomes) with publicly available databases and map these data onto biological network data. Normalization and consistent data processing from the primary (raw) data ensures comparability of datasets and enables a joint statistical analysis. Through a web-based interface, members of the consortium will be able to analyze and interpret available high-throughput datasets. A REST interface enables automated data extraction and thus comprehensive statistical analysis on data that is always up to date. Advanced data processing and workflow technologies will enable a rapid automated in-depth analysis.

Keywords: Bioinformatics, Parkinson’s disease, data management, omics

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