SP6 - SeneSys

Coordination, SP-overarching management and administration of the consortium as well as preparation of a small exploratory clinical "demonstrator" trial (ECT)

SP6 is an administrative and coordinative subproject. Regarding the early phase "explorative clinical trials" (ECT) as a small, piloting "demonstrator" study, the protocol implementing the results from other subprojects will be drafted in funding year 3 and implemented in the extension period when possible. To our knowledge, no comparable scientific design has been reported in the field so far. Our approach utilizes static and dynamic mathematical models, derived from patient material and functional test platforms, as new biomarker formats for patient stratification as well as conceptually novel targeted therapy principles. For clinical trial purposes, combination or sequential treatment regimens will be designed. The aim here is to demonstrate clinically feasibility and obtain first signals of efficacy in DLBCL patients.

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