SP 3

Transcriptome and miRNAome analysis in native and Ang II treated human myocardium

Gene expression profiles in the myocardial samples will be analysed by RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq). In addition, myocardial samples will be treated ex vivo with angiotensin II in the presence and absence of ARB and the effects on gene expression profile will be measured by RNA-seq, in order to determine the individual response to angiotensin II in the presence and absence of ARB. This will allow the modelling of the cellular and myocardial response to angiotensin II (and its receptor blockers) in an individual patient and will lead to a better understanding of the myocardial adaptation at a cellular and molecular level.

- Characterise the mRNA and small RNA profiles of myocardial samples by RNA-sequencing and determine the effects of pressure overload and in vivo treatment of AS patients with ARB
- Characterise the effects of angiotensin II/ARB ex vivo treatment on mRNA and small RNA profiles of human myocardial samples
- Assess direct and cell-specific effects of angiotensin II/ARB treatment in specific cardiovascular cell types, i.e. cardiomyocytes and fibroblasts

Keywords: RNA-seq; Next-Generation Sequencing; Bioinformatik; Angiotensin II