Module III

Promotion of young scientists in systems medicine

Module III “Promotion of young scientists in systems medicine” covers the funding measures junior research groups and junior research alliances, as well as the organization of high-quality summer schools.
Funding is provided to outstanding young medics, information scientists, mathematicians and biologists. They are given the opportunity to implement their own systems medicine projects. The module is aimed at improving cooperation between scientists, intensifying knowledge transfer between these disciplines and integrating information technology and mathematics more strongly into clinical training and research.

Junior research alliances

Module III b

Three to five young scientists, whose doctoral degrees  are not more than five years old, work together on the project for a period of up to three years in the nine “Junior systems medicine research alliances” funded within the framework of e:Med. At least one member comes from the areas of biomedicine, clinics and mathematics/information technology respectively. In system-oriented research approaches, they work on interdisciplinary medical issues relating to different types of cancer, chronic kidney disease or intestinal inflammation as well as metabolic or connective tissue diseases.

Seven new junior alliances of the e:Med Module III 'Junior systems medicine research alliances' started at the beginning of 2020 with funding from the BMBF.

Further information and contact persons can be found at DLR-PT

Dr. Andreas Künne
DLR Projektträger
Bereich Gesundheit
53227 Bonn

Tel.: 0228 3821-1204



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