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Identification and characterization of novel miRNA-controlled signalling circuitries during zebrafish heart regeneration

A multitude of cellular and molecular processes are involved during cardiac regeneration after myocardial injury in zebrafish. Thereby, the exact dosing of intracellular and extracellular signals is essential for the coordination of various cell types and the precise temporal orchestration during regeneration. microRNAs describe short, non-coding RNAs essential in the fine tuning of key signals in a variety of physiological processes. On average, a given microRNA can regulate several hundred transcripts whose effector molecules function at various sites within cellular pathways and networks. Based on this, microRNAs are recognized as very potent biological regulators. To evaluate the role of microRNAs during cardiac regeneration, we will assess the expression of microRNAs at various time points after myocardial injury. Combined with subsequent functional characterization, we aim to identify novel microRNAs and microRNA regulated pathways driving cardiac regeneration and improving cardiac healing.

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