SP 4

mTOR interactions with metabolic networks in malignant glioma: an integrative experimental-computational approach

Mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) network genes are altered in malignant gliomas, and mTOR inhibitors are in clinical studies for the treatment of gliomas. mTOR kinase contributes to cancer cell survival, growth, and motility via several signaling and metabolic routes. However, the relative contribution of these routes to glioma progression and the impact of differing mTOR network activities for drug responsiveness remains poorly explored. The main aim of subproject 4 is to analyze mTOR signaling in malignant glioma. In a combined modeling-experimental approach we will analyze the effects for single and combinatorial drug treatments targeting the mTOR network in glioma cells. Thus, our approach will identify drugs and combinations thereof which specifically limit IDHWT or IDHmut glioma cell growth.

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