SP 3 - LeukoSyStem

Novel computational approaches for single-cell multi-omics data integration

Single-cell technologies are currently revolutionizing biomedical research. While these approaches permit the exploration of various biomedical questions and open-up whole new research fields, the new data type generated in single-cell experiments imposes numerous challenges on computational data analyses. This junior consortium will generate comprehensive single cell measurements, including gene expression, metabolic properties, mutational status and cell surface marker expression of single cancer cells to study various aspects of leukemia pathogenesis. The goal of this subproject is to develop and apply single-cell data analysis tools and algorithms required for integrating the data across patients and between different modes of measurement, such that commonalities as well as differences between these data sets can be studied. These new computational approaches will be essential for the tasks of the consortium but will also be of great value for the rapidly expanding field of single-cell genomics.

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