Multi-disciplinary identification of lineage-specific signaling dependencies in Cancer

The major goal of MILES is to identify unique signaling networks within individual tumor lineages that mediate tumor growth. We place our emphasis on the integration of the individual life science and information science disciplines as well as the translation of the results into therapeutic strategies for the treatment of cancer patients. Our project aims to answer three major questions:

  • Genomic Data
    How can we integrate genomic data to understand lineage-specific signaling dependencies of transcriptional regulators?

  • Large Scale Data Handling
    How can we enable efficient and secure large-scale data handling to study medical datasets in a multi-disciplinary environment?

  • Dependency Dissection
    How can we dissect lineage-specific signaling dependencies of transcriptional regulators on a molecular level?

Subprojects in MILES:


SP 1   Transcription factor activity variation across cancer lineages

SP2    Lineage specific genomics of chromatin modifiers

SP3    Lineage specific NEDD9 signaling

SP4    Lineage specific MYC-signaling

SP 5   Processing Sensitive Medical Information in Cloud Computing Environments while Ensuring Information Security and Privacy

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