Projects starting 2014:

Three to five young scientists, whose doctoral degrees  are not more than five years old, work together on the project for a period of up to three years in the nine “Junior systems medicine research alliances” funded within the framework of e:Med. At least one member comes from the areas of biomedicine, clinics and mathematics/information technology respectively. In system-oriented research approaches, young researchers work on interdisciplinary medical issues relating to different types of cancer, chronic kidney disease or intestinal inflammation as well as metabolic or connective tissue diseases.

Eight “Junior systems medicine research alliances” have already taken this approach with great success since 2014. They were funded by the BMBF with a total of 16 million EUR.

  • DeCaRe
    Systems biology analysis of cardiac regeneration to improve healing after myocardial infarction
    Prof. Florian Leuschner, University Hospital Heidelberg
  • GlioPATH
    Comparison of central metabolic routes and signaling pathways in IDH mutant and wildtype gliomas
    Dr. Christiane Opitz, DKFZ Heidelberg
    Multi-disciplinary identification of lineage-specific signaling dependencies in Cancer
    Prof. Martin Sos, University of Cologne
  • mitOmics
    Identification of molecular causes of mitochondrial defects by personalised omics approaches
    Prof. Julien Gagneur, TU Munich
  • PsychoSys
    The role of dopamine in sensory inference and delusions: a systems medicine approach to psychosis
    Prof. Simon Jacob, TU Munich
  • SUPR-G
    Systems biology of the Unfolded Protein Response in Glioma
    Dr. Jan Medenbach, University of Regensburg
  • symAtrial
    Systems Medicine of Atrial Fibrillation
    Prof. Tanja Zeller, UKE Hamburg
    Systems Medicine to dissect the Biology of Heart Failure
    Prof. Steffen Just, Ulm University
    Dynamics of the tumor infiltrating lymphocyte repertoire in melanoma and pancreatic cancer
    Dr. Isabel Poschke, DKFZ Heidelberg

Further information and contact persons can be found at PT-DLR

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