SP 4

A generalized stochastic framework for linking perceptual and physiological processes in dysfunctional sensory predictions

Project TP4 represents a translational study that uses stochastic models and statistical analyses in order to integrate results obtained in the other subprojects into one coherent theoretical framework. The main question focuses on the impact of specific (dopaminergic) firing patterns on dysfunctional sensory predictions, which have been proposed to be one important mechanism for the formation and maintenance of delusions. Therefore, this project will merge neurophysiological phenomena observed in the activity of dopaminergic neurons in animals and patients as well as perceptual phenomena in psychological experiments. These highly diverse processes will be investigated with respect to related statistical properties such as burstiness and (ir-)regularity and their dynamical changes in order to identify relevant firing patterns and their role in dysfunctional sensory prediction.   

Examples of sensory processes (top left) obtained in subproject 1 (Katharina Schmack) and physiological processes (bottom left) obtained in subproject 3 (Torfi Sigurdsson). In order to understand the relation between these processes and to investigate the impact of specific firing patterns on sensory predictions, these processes will be studied within one theoretical model framework (top right) that can capture the main process parameters and help to identify dynamical changes (bottom right).

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