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e:Med is a new, Germany-wide research program in which hundreds of researchers from various disciplines coming from 55 German institutions study systems medicine in approximately 180 e:Med projects.

The aim of this innovative BMBF funded program is the systems-oriented investigation of diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and illnesses of the lung, the kidneys and others. The bottom line is always the investigation of the interplay and correlation between DNA, proteins and metabolic products in biosamples such as blood, urine or tissue.

These biosamples are analyzed and interpreted by systems medical methods, leading to a deeper understanding of the disease in order to optimize prevention and diagnostics allowing for personalized therapy and individualized medicine.

Key to the network is electronic processing (e:Med) of the high throughput data generated by modern, automated state-of-the-art “Omics” techniques and the specification of the outcome through cycles of lab experiments and computer-based modeling.
In e:Med the close collaboration of mathematicians and IT scientists with clinicians and biologists ensures that the latest findings and new insights are accessible for medical and research scientists as well as for physicians.
If your company offers products needed in the research field of personalized medicine, our meetings and workshops offer an ideal platform for presenting your company and your products.

The next upcoming opportunity will be the annual e:Med meeting 2016 in Kiel on 4th – 6th of October ( Here you can book so-called “sponsor packages”, e.g. place your logo on the meeting book and on our meeting-website, sponsor the poster prize, have your booth at our meeting or even have a specific talk – and at the same time support our e:Med network! For details about our packages and prices please click here.
We are happy to answer any question personally. Please contact: Lioba Courth, E-Mail:, Phone: +49-6221-424748

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