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olink proteomics



Through our dedication to innovation, quality, rigor and transparency, Swedish company Olink Proteomics provides outstanding products and services for targeted human protein biomarker discovery. We help scientists get answers quickly and confidently through robust, multiplex biomarker analysis. Olink immunoassay panels enable rapid, high-throughput analysis, with exceptional data quality and minimal sample consumption. Using just 1 μl of sample, 92 biomarkers are assayed simultaneously, with up to 96 samples run per panel. Our Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology enables this high level of multiplexing, as this dual recognition, DNA-coupled method provides exceptional readout specificity. Disease area or biological process-focused panels have both validated and exploratory biomarkers, and our rigorous assay validation data is freely available. Choosing either ready-to-use kits or our Analysis Service, customers get high quality data and rapid high-throughput analysis that makes the most effective use of their precious samples.




HMG’s vision - "the appropriate drug with the right dose at the right time for the right patient"
HMG Systems Engineering GmbH (HMG) located in Fürth (Bavaria), Germany is a small to medium-sized enterprise focused on IT-based innovations. We have 34 employees from eight different nations who work together to translate innovations into reality. Business activities range from offering comprehensive IT based systems engineering services for well-known multi-national companies up to our medical experts and decision support system - the PGXperts platform. Since 2014 we have been developing this platform to facilitate "precision medicine". It enables physicians to tailor medication more precisely providing additional information based on the individual patients pharmacogenetics profile, its clinical consequences and a drug interaction check. A clinical pilot (100 patients) has been performed and a drug interaction app including PGx related information will be introduced in September.
In 2016 HMG was awarded as one of the Top 100 (top100.de) most innovative SMEs in Germany and our PGXperts Platform was placed second at the PerMediCon (congress for personalized medicine), December 2016.

Illumina Logo



Illumina is a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of life science tools and integrated systems for large-scale analysis of genetic variation and function. These systems are enabling studies that were not even imaginable just a few years ago, and moving us closer to the realization of personalized medicine. With rapid advances in technology taking place, it is mission-critical to offer solutions that are not only innovative, but flexible, and scalable, with industry-leading support and service.
We strive to meet this challenge by placing a high value on collaborative interactions, rapid delivery of solutions, and meeting the needs of our customers.
Our customers include a broad range of academic, government, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other leading institutions around the globe.



Lexogen is a transcriptomics and next-generation sequencing company based in Vienna, Austria. Our product portfolio offers solutions for diverse RNA analysis applications and includes kits for whole transcriptome sequencing, expression profiling, small RNA sequencing, metabolic RNA sequencing, full-length cDNA amplification, RNA extraction, RNA enrichment and depletion, spike-in RNA controls, and software for RNA-Seq data analysis.




LIFE & BRAIN GmbH is a biomedical and neurscientific technology platform founded in 2002 by the University of Bonn and Bonn Medical Center.
LIFE & BRAIN’s mission is to close the gap between academic research and business to develop new strategies for the diagnosis and therapy of nervous system disorders. As an innovation center in the field of biomedicine, LIFE & BRAIN brings together expertise in genomic research, transgenic animals, stem cell biology and neurocognition to deliver novel products for disease modeling, early diagnosis, compound development and tissue regeneration.

GeneWerk Sponsor e:Med



Based on more than two decades of expertise in the field of gene therapy, gene editing and immunotherapy GeneWerk GmbH was founded 2014 in the biotechnology metropolitan area Rhein-Neckar, Heidelberg, Germany. Our business partners appreciate our worldwide unique experience in assessing vector safety and efficacy in gene therapy and immune repertoire studies as well as assistance in associated regulatory demands. Thereby we provide highly sensitive technical platforms and bioinformatics to determine fusion sequences adjacent to known DNA or RNA fragments in minimal tissue samples. Applications include clonality and safety of viral vectors in gene therapy, on-target specificity of designer nucleases, immune repertoire studies in T and B cells and Next Generation Sequencing. Operating within several consortia (e.g. SCIDNET, CRACK IT) allows us to focus on our mission - to improve the safety of novel gene therapy products for patients and help reducing the reliance on animal models.

Promega Logo




With more than 1.400 employees and a portfolio of more than 3.500 products Promega belongs to one of the largest global acting Life Science research companies. Originally founded in 1978 in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, Promega develops and manufactures products covering the fields of genomics, protein analysis and expression, cellular analysis, drug discovery and genetic identity. Promega is a global leader in providing innovative solutions and technical support to life scientists in academic, industrial and government settings. The company has branches in 16 countries and more than 50 global distributors serving 100 countries.

GATC Sponsor e:Med Meeting




Founded in 1990, GATC Biotech has established itself as a leader in DNA and RNA sequencing. More than 10,000 researchers worldwide rely on the company’s services for processing any number of samples from any kind of starting material. GATC Biotech offers all leading sequencing technologies in its own laboratories. The company’s proprietary workflows deliver ready-for-diagnostics results backed by stringent quality accreditations. From Sanger to next generation sequencing, GATC Biotech offers unmatched flexibility to customers interested in any kind of genomics such as transcriptome, epigenome, exome or whole genome analysis.
GATC Biotech’s oncology-related services include the world’s most comprehensive liquid biopsy-based assays, GATCLIQUID. The services offer whole-exome, targeted or single gene sequencing of cell-free DNA for tumour mutation profiling that can help improve patient outcomes.

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