List of all exhibitors at the e:Med Meeting 2018


We thank our sponsors for the kind support of the e:Med Meeting 2018:


HMG’s vision - "enabling physicians to prescribe the appropriate drug with the right dose at the right time for the right patient. Fast, easy and mobile"
HMG Systems Engineering GmbH (Fürth, Germany) is a SME focused on IT-based innovations. Business activities range from comprehensive IT based systems engineering services for well-known international companies to our medical decision support system - the PGXperts Platform. Our Platform aims to bring "precision medicine" into the every day clinical practice. With the “InteraktionsCheck” including pharmacogenetics, physicians are able to decide who needs a pharmacogenetics test, increasing safety in pharmacotherapy. The report PerforM (personalized information for medication) presents the individual patient’s pharmacogenetics profile with its clinical consequences, and a drug interaction check. Our PGXperts Platform was placed second at the PerMediCon, December 2016 and a clinical pilot (100 patients) has been performed in 2016/2017.



LIFE & BRAIN GmbH is a biomedical and neurscientific technology platform founded in 2002 by the University of Bonn and Bonn Medical Center.
LIFE & BRAIN’s mission is to close the gap between academic research and business to develop new strategies for the diagnosis and therapy of nervous system disorders. As an innovation center in the field of biomedicine, LIFE & BRAIN brings together expertise in genomic research, transgenic animals, stem cell biology and neurocognition to deliver novel products for disease modeling, early diagnosis, compound development and tissue regeneration.



Lexogen is a transcriptomics and Next Generation Sequencing company, focusing on the development of sample preparation protocols for transcriptome sequencing, tools for data analysis, and sequencing services.
The product portfolio includes kits for whole transcriptome, expression profiling, targeted and small RNA sequencing library preparation, full-length cDNA amplification, extraction of total and small RNA fractions, ribosomal RNA depletion, poly(A) RNA selection, spike-in RNA variant control mixes, metabolic RNA labeling, and RNA-Seq data analysis software.
Lexogen provides a fully integrated service-workflow for the generation of QuantSeq 3’ mRNA-Seq and small RNA-Seq libraries, multiplexed sequencing, data analysis, and report generation.
The company headquarters is based in Vienna, Austria and the North American office is in Greenland, New Hampshire, USA. Lexogen is represented by multiple distributors around the world, making its products accessible to any molecular biology laboratory.

To learn more, visit www.lexogen.com and follow @lexogen.


PacBio provides the most comprehensive views of genomes, transcriptomes, and epigenomes in a variety of organisms from viruses/bacteria through to plant, animal and human genomes.  Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT®) Sequencing delivers long continuous reads (>20 kb), high consensus accuracy (up to 99.999% QV50), uniform coverage (even across high GC content regions), and simultaneous epigenetics characterization. Key applications include whole-genome sequencing for de novo assembly, long-read RNA sequencing (the Iso-Seq method) for genome annotation, structural variant detection, and targeted sequencing.



The National Institute for Science Communication (NaWik) is a non-profit company, established in 2012. NaWik stakeholders are the Klaus Tschira Foundation and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, KIT.
Science is an important part of our culture and scientific findings influence the future development of society. The vision of NaWik is to improve the information flow from academic research to the public with the goal of a more scientifically literate society. For that purpose, the NaWik trains scientists to communicate their intentions, findings and issues to a wider audience and engage with society for a dialog.
NaWik seminars are one or two day long attendance courses. Participants work in small groups with emphasis on hands-on-exercises and a high level of practical relevance. The seminars are led by experienced science journalists and communicators and can be booked nationwide. In addition to our presence seminars, we offer workshops, talks and e-learning courses.


TMF (www.tmf-ev.de) is the umbrella organisation for research data infrastructures and collaboration in biomedical research in Germany. It is a platform for interdisciplinary exchange, cross-project and multi-site collaboration – with the aim of identifying and resolving the organisational, legal/ethical and technological issues encountered in today’s medical research. It makes a number of resources available free of charge  – such as expert opinions, generic concepts, software applications, checklists, practical guides, training, and consulting services.  It operates infrastructures such as the German Biobank Registry (www.biobanken.de) or the information portal “ToolPool Gesundheitsforschung” (www.toolpool-gesundheitsforschung.de). Moreover, the medical informatics initiative – launched by BMBF to enhance patient care and research – is jointly managed by TMF, MFT (German Association of Medical Faculties), and VUD (German Association of Academic Medical Centers) (www.medizininformatik-initiative.de).


The ‘German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure’ (de.NBI, www.denbi.de) has been initiated by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) to meet the bioinformatic challenges in modern life sciences due to the rapid technological progress in analytical areas such as sequencing, ‘omics’ and imaging techniques. These technologies generate huge amounts of data (big data), and thus require the access to well-maintained databases, bio-informatics tools, workflows and computing capacities.
de.NBI develops and maintains almost 100 bioinformatic services and offers training courses in human, plant and microbial research. de.NBI also fosters the de.NBI Cloud to offer the computing power that today's researchers need to cope with the big data challenge. As the German Node in ELIXIR, de.NBI connects the German community with Europe and beyond.
If big data exploitation in life sciences is your topic, come and visit us at our booth!




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