In our breaks, listen to the live music from the pianist & composer Michael Nickel:

Each of Michael’s online piano performances is like a memorable journey, with invitations to reflect, ponder, grow, rest and open. Michael carefully meets and guides us along the way, not only with stunning piano improvisations, but also with gesture, movement and stillness.  And then, at the end, we leave feeling profoundly heard, met, touched and inspired.  Thank you, Michael, for your effortless artistry and presence! This is a quote from a friend and colleague Kara.
It aptly describes my heartbeat behind the improvised music I intuitively compose. 

I still remember the first comment I ever got on a gig - it must have been 2012, couldn't my music heal?  To this day, music has a healing effect on me and I like to invite my listeners to let the music take effect deep within them.

I am inspired by modern composers like Max Richter, Ólafur Arnalds, Yann Tiersen, Keith Jarret, Philipp Glass and also by older composers like Chopin, J.S. Bach or Debussy. 

My music touches a little improvised simplicity, shallow melancholy rising in a dancing rhythm. I am very happy to play.

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