Hygiene concept

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the DKFZ has always defined conditions for face-to-face events that protect the health and well-being of all participants as best as possible despite the ongoing pandemic. Participation in the meeting is therefore subject to compliance with the hygiene and participation regulations then in force at DKFZ.

  • Obligation to wear a medical mask indoors and an FFP2 mask in seminar rooms, lecture hall and in the conference center. It is not permitted to eat or drink in the lecture hall.
  • Eating and drinking is possible in the foyer. Masks may only be removed for eating and drinking.
  • Presence of disinfectant dispensers in various places.
  • Whenever possible, a distance of 1.5 m should be kept.
  • 3G - People may only enter the DKFZ if they are either fully vaccinated, have recovered or have been recently tested.


Persons who show symptoms of a respiratory tract infection or a high temperature are not allowed to participate.

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