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HMG’s vision – "enabling physicians to prescribe the appropriate drug with the right dose at the right time for the right patient. Fast, precise and safe!"
The Fuerth-based IT company HMG Systems Engineering was founded in 2014. With its Clinical Decision Support System PGXperts®, HMG enables physicians to deal with questions regarding to complex drug therapies and thus contributing to achieve personalised medication for everyone. PGXperts® offers solutions for a comprehensive overview of drug interactions as well as for the interpretation of clinically relevant patient’s genetic information. HMG translates scientific evidence into clinical routine. HMG has been awarded several times for its innovations: IHK-Gründerpreis Mittelfranken 2019 | TOP 100 of the most innovative SMEs in Germany 2016 | 2nd Price PerMediCon-Award 2016.

www.hmg-systems-engineering.com | www.pgxperts.com



LIFE & BRAIN GmbH is a biomedical and neurscientific technology platform founded in 2002 by the University of Bonn and Bonn Medical Center.
LIFE & BRAIN’s mission is to close the gap between academic research and business to develop new strategies for the diagnosis and therapy of nervous system disorders. As an innovation center in the field of biomedicine, LIFE & BRAIN brings together expertise in genomic research, transgenic animals, stem cell biology and neurocognition to deliver novel products for disease modeling, early diagnosis, compound development and tissue regeneration.



Novogene is a leading provider of genomic services and solutions with cutting edge NGS and bioinformatics expertise, and more advanced sequencing capacity in the world. Novogene utilizes scientific excellence, a commitment to customer service and unsurpassed data quality to help our clients realize their research goals. The company has become a world-leader in NGS services, with 2,600 employees and multiple locations across the globe. Novogene’s depth of experience has resulted in the ownership of 22 NGS-related patents, as well as the publishing of over 4920 customer research papers, often in well-respected publications such as Nature and Science .
Novogene is an Illumina Genome Network partner that has done work for many of the largest and most prestigious institutions around the world. Having completed more than 1,259,000 projects with a total data output of over 21,476 TB, Novogene has a track record of performance and reliability and more advanced NGS capacity in the world. We’ve proudly served over 4,000 customers globally, collaborating with scientists in 60 countries and regions. We offer a range of NGS-based services for human, plant, animal and microbial DNA and RNA analysis at highly competitive prices.



Illumina Logo

Illumina is a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of life science tools and integrated systems for large-scale analysis of genetic variation and function. These systems are enabling studies that were not even imaginable just a few years ago, and moving us closer to the realization of personalized medicine. With rapid advances in technology taking place, it is mission-critical to offer solutions that are not only innovative, but flexible, and scalable, with industry-leading support and service.
We strive to meet this challenge by placing a high value on collaborative interactions, rapid delivery of solutions, and meeting the needs of our customers.
Our customers include a broad range of academic, government, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other leading institutions around the globe.

The National Institute for Science Communication (NaWik) is a non‐profit company, established in 2012. NaWik stakeholders are the Klaus Tschira Foundation and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, KIT.
Science is an important part of our culture and scientific findings influence the future development of society. The vision of NaWik is to improve the information flow from academic research to the public with the goal of a more scientifically literate society. For that purpose, the NaWik trains scientists to communicate their intentions, findings and issues to a wider audience and engage with society for a dialog.
NaWik seminars are one or two day long attendance courses. Participants work in small groups with emphasis on hands‐on‐exercises and a high level of practical relevance. The seminars are led by experienced science journalists and communicators and can be booked nationwide. In addition to our presence seminars, we offer workshops, talks and e‐learning courses.


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