The meeting will be held online November 24-25, 2020.

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ONBOARDING to the conference platform e:Med
We have made check-in smooth and easy:
1)    Go to the check-in page here: (only the 1st time!)
2)    Use your e-mail (this one) to check-in.
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Once you are inside, take a couple of minutes to explore and follow the wizard to understand the platform.

Watch the onboarding video at the “dashboard”

Scientific Program
“Dashboard” provides an overview of the program,
“Agenda” shows the sessions in detail and time course, here you enter details to the individual talks

The ongoing video will always run on “dashboard” and on the respective session page – and here is the active chat for the running session.
“My Program” to customize your program: with the search bar look-up your specific interests and „star“ your favorite sessions. Thus, you do not miss them.

Check out “Participants”, “Matchmaking”, “Connect 1-to-1” and “Match roulette”!
Find the “Chat” and skim through the “participants” list. Start engaging with fellow participants and speakers. Here you use the profile tags of your peers.
Lounge for breaks: click the link to the wonder room in the chat (we set it with conference start)
Visit the virtual stands of our sponsors.
Check the Event Hub for more information and the abstract book.

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Registration virtual Kick-off Meeting

Registration virtual Kick-off Meeting
Please note, that during the meeting picture, film and sound recording can be made. By attending this meeting you agree that recordings, on which you can be seen or heard, can be used for public relations. (You can object to the processing of recordings at any time for future use. This should be clearly exposed by writing to
Please note that the registration to the e:Med Meeting is done via a double opt-in procedure. After submitting your data, you will receive a link by e:Med Info to the given e-mail address. Please note that it might end up in the spam folder! Click on the link to confirm your registration.


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