The conference takes place on the virtual plattform iChair

For all registered participants find your login here. For the best virtual experience please use Google Chrome.

iChair will offer you several chances to interact and contact your colleagues online:

  • Personal profile: Fill your profile with a picture, links and tags
  • Session: All talks including abstracts and speaker CV are presented in the agenda. You can post your questions anytime.
  • Personalized program: Mark your favourite sessions and posters
  • Dashboard: Gives you an overview (and timeline) on all sessions. The live video will be shown on the dashboard and in each session
  • Discussion: Post your questions via chat right next to the video stream of each session
  • Poster Session: Posters are available all throughout the talks and also before the meeting starts. Please take some time to check out the posters before the poster session starts. For poster presenters, please be online during poster sessions to answer questions.
  • Interact: See a list of all participants and get in touch via Chat, 1-to-1 Video Call or in Breakout Rooms. Use the match maker and tags to match with people with similar interests. Check your event feed for upcoming announcements and short polls.
  • Booth: Visit the virtual booths of our sponsors
  • Event Hub: Find the abstract book, interesting videos and material in this section.

For more information go to registration.



Originally, the conference was planned and organized to take place at the Biomedizinisches Centrum in Bonn. This had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

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