SP 5


Platform for Data-Integration, Communication, Data Mining, and Project Management

One goal of subproject 5 of the CAPSyS consortium is integration of molecular and clinical data from the PROGRESS-CAP study, from CAPSyS subprojects, and from external public and proprietary sources. Trough a dedicated ETL (extraction, transformation, loading) process, data will be provided to CAPSyS subprojects. These services will be augmented by implementation of tools for visual data exploration.
A further goal of subproject 5 is identification of functional metastructures in clinical and molecular data using effective supervised and unsupervised clustering methods. This aims at mapping disease states and trajectories between the human and murine systems.
Subproject 5 is responsible for coordination and management of the CAPSyS consortium and provides a platform for communication and data exchange between consortium partners.

Keywords: Data integration, data sharing, visual data analysis, cluster analysis, project coordination, communication platform

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