SP 2

Systems medicine approach to personalized immunosuppressive treatment at early stage after Kidney Transplantation

This project has three main aims:

1) The supply of the partners with patient data,
2) the analysis of metabolic patterns by means of NMR spectroscopy and
3) the analysis of GBP-1 in connection with the clinical progress after transplantation. GBP-1 is a possible marker for vascular and/or chronical humoral rejections and will be helpful for the rejection prediction and diagnosis as well as for the planning of an immunsuppressive therapy.

The NMR spectroscopy allows the simultaneous determination and quantification of hundreds of small metabolites in a single measurement of a single blood or urine sample. Apart from the benefit of fast results and adequate costs of the NMR technology, the development of high-throughput test systems based on a metabolite network with a higher prediction value than single biomarkers is possible. As the test system is able to make predictions very fast, a regular observation of the metabolic effects or the accompanying results of a overdose or underdose with immunsuppressants is possible to change the immunosuppressive treatment early to prevent allogeneic transplant rejections or infections or other possible complications.

Keywords: renal transplantation, rejections, biomarker


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