SP 3

Establishment of patient derived xenograft-models and personalized TIC (tumor-initiating cell) cultures and analysis of the PDAC microenvironment

As part of TP3, we apply a workflow that allows for the generation of xenotransplant (PDX) as well serum-free cell culture models. In previous studies we have shown that these cell lines have a high capacity for tumor initiation and histopathologically show key criteria of the original tumor material. Together, these  represent reliable models for the described subtypes of ductal pancreatic cancer.
As part of PANC-STRAT, we will strongly expand our collection of customized cell lines and carry out molecular characterization in TP2. The cell lines are then used to detect the variability of the various tumors in order to be able to better predict e.g. different sensitivities to drugs. These cell lines form the essential basis for further investigations in TP4 and TP5.

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