SP4 - SyMBoD

Multiscale Modelling and Optimization for Scaffold-Aided Bone Regeneration

The reduced healing capacity of T2DM patients combined with large bone defect situations (non-union), makes treatment clinically challenging. In such cases, scaffold-aided bone regeneration is a promising alternative to current treatment strategies. One of the advantages of additive manufacturing technology lies on the great flexibility in terms of the different structures that can be produced, however this makes experimental testing of all possible variations of scaffold properties (porosity, pore size, material distribution, dissolution rate, etc) unrealistic. In this subproject, we aim to develop a computer platform for the optimization of personalized scaffolds to promote regeneration of large bone defects (non-union) in patients with T2DM. In addition, the computer modelling approach will serve as a basis to develop a prognosis tool of bone healing outcome under different treatment options. This will be achieved combining state of the art approaches in mathematical optimization of structures (Prof. Dondl, with additional expertise in advanced numerical methods by Prof. Bartels) and multiscale mechano-biological computer models of tissue regeneration (Prof. Checa). Developed computer models and simulation data within this subproject will serve to the overall research goal of the SYMBoD consortium to develop a digital platform technology for theranostic of bone regeneration. Subprojects (SPs) 1 and 2 are dedicated to the development of multiscale computer models of bone healing based on a combined agent-based/finite element approach that will allow us to directly incorporate omics data to inform model behaviour. These models will serve as the basis for the simplified models developed in SPs 3 and 4 such that scaffold optimization can be performed. SP 5 provides the link to the overarching bone healing computer platform.

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