System Medicine of Pneumonia-aggravated Atherosclerosis

Pneumonia has been recently identified as a new risk factor and influencing factor for atherosclerosis. The high morbidity and mortality of both diseases makes common disease mechanisms an important research goal with high clinical relevance. The joint project SYMPATH (SYstems Medicine of Pneumonia-aggravated ATHerosclerosis) aims to contribute substantially to the clarification of the common disease mechanisms and the mediators involved. To this end, the following goals are pursued in detail:
(1)    Identification of molecular mediators of pneumonia-engraved atherosclerosis in available study groups from the field of pneumonia (PROGRESS) and atherosclerosis research (LIFE-Heart, LIFE-Adult) and validation of biomarkers for the prediction of the progression of atherosclerosis (BeLOVE).
(2)    Investigation of pneumonia-relevant disease mechanisms in experimental models of atherosclerosis to identify new therapeutic targets for later drug development.
(3)    Development of a comprehensive biomathematical model of pneumonia-induced systemic inflammation and atherosclerosis development.

Hypothesis on the relationship between pneumonia and atherosclerosis.

SYMPATH combines the strengths of partners with clinical expertise, successfully conducted clinical studies, extensive experimental know-how in the fields of pneumonia and atherosclerosis research, as well as many years of experience in mathematical modelling of biological systems. Some of the partners have already successfully collaborated on the e:Med project CAPSyS (Medical Systems Biology of Pulmonary Barrier Failure in Community Acquired Pneumonia). Our work will provide the basis for significantly reducing the burden of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular events in patients after pneumonia. This interdisciplinary project will be implemented in three subprojects at two sites and supported by external partners.


Scientific Programme of the SYMPATH Consortium.

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