SP 10

Research Data Management / Bioinformatics - A Tool for Systems Medicine

Our goal is to implement a specific data management tool for use in the research consortium. The goal of the subproject is the implementation of a data management tool for all participants of the project, but especially for the interpretation of molecular high-throughput data and the selection of appropriate patient cohorts. We implement an integrative platform for different data types that meets the high standards of the German data protection and clinical trial data, biomaterial data and their metadata and results from the analysis of genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics. This tool will be available as a demonstrator with basic functionalities first. Later versions are more functionalities for NGS data visualization and interfaces to another systems. Therefore a requirements analysis has to be performend, followed by a technical design of research infrastructure and a data protection strategy. The data sources and formats are subsequently analyzed and made accessible as a core functionality of the infrastructure to be provided. The different ontologies of the source systems have to be evaluated and then ideally unified by a terminology server and made accessible. Furthermore the integration of NGS data has to be evaluated, and if possible, implemented. The infrastructure will then be extended to a presentation and analysis ability. Finally, the access to federated data has to be evaluated..

Keywords: data management; i2b2; tranSMART; privacy; analysis; data sources; ETL; ontology; semantics; research database; research data warehouse; NGS; next generation sequencing

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